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Geoff Green - C.M.

Founder, Students on Ice and Canada C3 Expedition Leader

" Dominique Normand was such an integral member of our Canada C3 team as we sailed along the Newfoundland and Labrador coast from St John's to Nain. Her beautiful, vibrant paintings in response to this intense experience evoke poignant memories. Each one perfectly captures the stunning physical environment we sailed through as well as the in-depth cultural conversations and experiences we shared about Canada's past, present and future. We are proud to have Dominique as one of the featured artists in the Open Channels exhibition in partnership with the Canada Council for the Arts and as a member of our Students on Ice Foundation family."

Bob Epstein

Executive Producer, NBC Universal

My wife Irina and I were very moved by both paintings we acquired and were thrilled to hang them in our apartment when we returned home. We'll treasure them for years to come.

David Tyreman, World Famous Branding

Your work is beautiful - I especially like 'Life in the Bush' and 'North of 45' because I love the ceremony of food preparation. I always remember you to be a beautiful, thoughtful and caring person and it shows in your art

Charles Coffey - O.C. Indigenous Awareness Canada

Dominique Normand’s has the unique ability to capture the very essence of life in her paintings. For me I sense and see nature, our precious environment, joy and harmony and most of all a spirituality that is so impactful. I highly recommend her work

Lori Ransom - Senior Advisor

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

We treasure your painting displayed at the National Research Centre in Winnipeg to commemorate the work of artists such as you who are reflecting so powerfully on our journey of healing and reconciliation through the beauty of artistic expression.

Fred Penner - C.M. O.M.

When I look at the vibrant works of Dominique Normand, I delight in the colour and style, but most importantly, I feel something

James Raffan - Speaker, Author, Adventurer

I am captivated by the motion, energy and possibilities in your work. The painting Arabesque has whisked me into a wonderful new world.

Samantha Frost - Associate Curator

New York Arts Magazine

I am particularly excited and interested in your work "Goingin" and I believe it would be an important addition to our program. Your use of color, abstractness, and design are both eye-catching and visually appealing.

Pat Booth Design - UK

I have bought landscpes from Dominique because I apprciate her respnse to the Laurentians. Living abroad for many years, her work truely brings me back to my roots. Its a very emotianal response, but her work is wonderful

Geta Etorolopiaq - Inuit Carver

Tititugaksiasikkaak, ( her hands can see )

Tom E. Murray - On-board-data-systems, QC

I have watched Dominique Normand in her work for over 10 years. I have always been in awe of her mastery of Line, Light and Drama. Her journey of growth and exploration is a beacon of inspiration.

John and Susan Mclean - Mont Tremblant

Proudly hanging in our modest abode is a pleasantly provocative fabric of her mind translated onto canvas. Thank you with all our sincerity.

Anne Caron, Centre Médico-Chirurgical Nyon SA

J’ai découvert le travail de Dominique Normand il y a plus d’une dizaine d’année. Dominique peignait à cette époque sur le thème du cheval et en plus d’aimer profondément cet animal, j’ai été impressionnée par la force qui émanait de ses toiles. Force du mouvement, force des traits soulignée par une utilisation de magnifiques couleurs dont la palette est devenue à mes yeux, au fil des ans de plus en plus belle.

Il est incontestable que Dominique maîtrise la technique , mais plus que cela, la liberté qui émane de ses toiles est la qualité que je mettrais en avant de son art et qui reflète pour ce que je la connais sa personnalité.

J’aime l’originalité de ses scénographies tout en gardant toujours l’esthétique de ses sujets. Gage du respect qu’elle porte au monde qu’elle peint.

Annie-Claude Roberge - Sekoya - réalisatrice, productrice, photographe

Femme de coeur et de vision, Dominique sait nous émouvoir à travers ses représentations visuelles. Peintre d’exception, ses images nous transportent dans un monde onirique ou se croisent diverses représentations de la nature et de ses habitants. Elle sait dépeindre ses sujets de manières sensibles avec une touche d’authenticité hors du commun!

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