KNOCK Music House Parking

1789 Cheshire Bridge Rd

There is plentty of parking available in our parking lot at 1789 Cheshire Bridge Rd. We can even arrange Valet if needed.

I can't find your 1052 St. Charles location! Where is it?

Google maps and most navigation tools will bring you very close to our location however we are in an alley behind the shops on N. Highland Ave. between Greenwood and St. Charles. 


You may enter our location from either street.


If you head west from Highland and St. Charles, you will see the alley right across the street from "Neighbors". Make a right and you will see our white and green sign and building. 


If you head west from Greenwood Ave. you will see the alley right next to Panita Thai restaurant. Head all the way back and you will see our white and green sign and building.

Where can we park? 

Contrary to popular belief, there is plenty of parking available! You just have to have a positive attitude and lots of luck. Just kidding! 

You may park for free on St. Charles and Greenwood Ave, but parking is limited and it is not likely you'll find free parking. Save yourself time and go to the parking lots on Greenwood Ave. 

There are two lots directly across from each other on Greenwood Ave. We recommend that you park there. It has an attendant, parking is $3-$5 all day depending upon the day of your event and it is right next to the alleyway to Knock Music House..


If both of those lots are full, you may park for an hourly fee in one of three lots on Highland Avenue. One is located across the street from the American Roadhouse and Ace Hardware. Another parking lot is at CVS and you may also pay hourly. The other lot is in the rear of Truva and there is an alley that leads to the alley on Greenwood Ave.

I want to pay for parking for my guests. Do you offer parking solutions for events?

We do not provide private parking, however, depending upon availability, we have an arrangement with Druid Hills Presbyterian Church located directly across the alley from us on St. Charles Ave.


You may contact them directly to discuss the details of your event and they will provide you with a solution if available. 

Map of Parking in Virginia Highland Atlanta